House rules

Bibelot is known for safe and responsible nightlife.
We would like to keep it that way! Everyone who visits Bibelot is therefore expected to be aware of the house rules and to behave in accordance with them.

  1. Always follow instructions from the staff.
  2. General Visitor Conditions apply to every visit to Bibelot.
  3. Identification is mandatory.
  4. You must cooperate with door control / inspection. If you refuse, you may be denied access.
  5. There is camera surveillance in various places in and around the Energiehuis.
  6. Photo, film and sound equipment may not be taken inside, unless there is demonstrable written permission from the artists or Bibelot’s marketing department. Use of flash and/or tripod is never permitted.
  7. No own drinks or food.
  8. No pets.
  9. No weapons and dangerous objects, such as aerosol cans.
  10. No soft and hard drugs.
  11. Smoking and vaping are not permitted within the building.
  12. No aggression, disruptive behavior and racism.
  13. Unwanted sexual behavior is not accepted.
  14. No nuisance in the vicinity of the Energiehuis. Think of our neighbors.
  15. Glassware and cups are not allowed outside.
  16. A minimum age may apply for certain events. This will be mentioned on the event page on
  17. Stage diving and crowd surfing are not permitted.

Bibelot is not liable for the consequences of violation of the house rules.
Violation may result in a denial of access.
Violations and crimes are always reported to the police, supported by video recordings where possible.