zaterdag 5 november 2022

Temple Fang

Onvervalste pyschedelische rock van eigen bodem!
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Four-headed space-rock monster from Amsterdam with an enormous live reputation in Holland and abroad. Fiercely independent, averse to conventions and committed to their own path. The band relies on their chemistry and improvisational skills to truly playon the moment, thus making every show a unique experience never to be repeated. Having debuted with their album ‘Live at Merleyn’ in 2020, the band put out the epic half live/half studio double album ‘Fang Temple’ in 2021 on Right On Mountain/Electric Spark and is currently working on their next record, tob e recorded again with producer Sebastiaan van Bijlevelt in his Galloway Studios in Nijmegen, their second home.

Before the plague hit, the band was on a victory run that lead them through dozens of clubshows via festivals like Roadburn, Desertfest and Sonic Whip all the way to dutch nation television. After spinning through 2,5 pandemic years, the band is now slowly emerging as a different beast, with new drummer Egon Loosveldt on board Temple Fang is now able to take their already expansive sound into even further-out corners of the musical universe, from dubbed out excursions to jazzy interludes, beautiful harmonies to mind-bending riffs, psychedelic explorations to full-on body-rock heavy yet elegant, ecstatically rocking and intensely psychedelic. Temple Fang is an ever changing beast that rarely stays in one place for very long, never rehashing old material but always focussing on exploring and developing fresh stuff, as this is what’s happening now and will never again. Rock ’n roll as a means to attaining spiritual freedom!

Longform rock for fans of The Grateful Dead, Motorpsycho, Hendrix and Coltrane.

“A guitar orchestra, a guitar hurricane! These are guys that breathe space rock, grey haired from head banging, their fingers crooked from playing pentatonic and mixolydian scales”

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